Zapped to the Past Episode 99 September 1988


In the month of September 1988 many games were released for the Commodore 64. In episode ninjary-nine of Zapped to the Past, we conclude our look at some of those games, including the less ninjary Last Ninjary 2, the more ninjary Ninjary Scooter Simulator, and the ninjaless Night Racer, and wonder how much grease does it take to grease a rusty mining cart…?

Games covered in this episode:

  • Last Ninja 2: Back With A Vengeance 
  • Rogue
  • Night Racer
  • Typhoon
  • The President is Missing
  • Ninja Scooter Simulator
  • Dizzy
  • Football Manager 2

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3 thoughts on “Zapped to the Past Episode 99 September 1988

  1. The “lite” in “roguelite” doesn’t mean they’re easier, just that they don’t follow all the conventions of roguelikes; for instance, a lot of roguelites are real-time rather than turn-based. But many of them still delight in being really difficult.


    1. You’re right, of course. Lite doesn’t mean easier, but they do offer concessions to the player, like carrying over experience, abilities or weapons for example into the next run which does help the player somewhat.


      1. Oh, yeah! Although I think that’s usually accompanied by unlocking tougher content–part of the usual type of content treadmill from RPGs, etc, designed to hook the player into playing the game longer–a now-standard game design technique that wasn’t quite around when the strict definition of the classic roguelike was codified. ^ _^

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