Zapped to the Past Episode 71 – 1987 Golden Breadbin Awards


As a final farewell to 1987, we look back over the year and the games from the issues of Zzap from January to December 1987, selecting some of the titles we have played for our prestigious Zapped to the Past Golden Breadbin awards. Which game will be heralded as having the ‘Best Visuals’ or win the ‘Best Audio’ or the ‘Sunday Best Award?’ There is only one way to find out!

The running order of the awards:

  • Introduction + Review of 1987
  • Best Visuals Award
  • Crapcade Conversion Award
  • Sunday Best (Worst Game) Award
  • Best Audio Award
  • Craziest Concept Award
  • Licenced Catastrophe Award
  • Best Game Award
  • Patreon Awards
  • Other things… Awards
  • Look ahead to 1988

Find us here:

All game nominations here:

Golden Breadbin awards page

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